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Use our Bible Study Tools and Reference books(also called reference or background sources, or resources) to get quick specific facts or information or an overview of a subject, Book by Book, Commentaries, Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Biographies, Church History, Maps & Topical’s Bibles.

Bible Glossary 

The meanings of words and phrases used in the Bible from A to Z 

Bible Book By Book

The Bible book by book 

Outline study of the Bible book by book by J. B. Tidwell 

Bible Reading Studying Methods

Bible Reading and Studying Methods is for learning how to expound, guide and interpret the Bible for all its worth. We do this through learning the tools and skills to help us observe the text, dig out the meaning, and then apply it to our lives


Biographies of great men and women of God who exhibited God’s work through their lives

Christian Writings

The Early Christian Writings. A terrific, short collection of important early Christian writings in modern English

Church History

The history of Christianity concerns the Christian religion, Christendom, and the Church with its various denominations, from the 1st century to the present


Whether you are just beginning to read Scripture or have been studying the Bible daily, commentaries offer greater understanding with background information on the Bible


Bible Dictionaries including Easton’s Bible Dictionary and Bible resources


Free Downloads of Christian Resources of Bibles, commentaries and inspirational bible studies for encouragement, devotions, and Christian training


All encyclopedia terms are cross-referenced and linked to the verses where they are found to help understand the full meaning of the word in context to its use in specific verses of the Bible


So why are there four separate versions of the story of Jesus? Or maybe you’re wondering, why are there only four, if He was such an influential figure? Much more

Great Preachers

They “received the word with great eagerness, examining the Scriptures daily, to see whether these things were so.” To see a list of Great Christian Preachers 

List Of Christian Preachers by Denomination

Christian denomination is a distinct religious body within Christianity, identified by traits such as a name, organization, leadership and doctrine.

Maps Biblical

Welcome to our expanding, absolutely FREE collection of Biblical maps, Charts and Biblical Timelines specially selected to enhance your studies into the word of God

Matthew Henry Complete Commentary Download

Matthew Henry’s Complete Bible Commentary provides an exhaustive look at every verse. Study the bible with this download zip file

Measure and Weights

The meanings of the terms that are used in the Bible for measurements and weights, with their relative values and ratios, varied from time to time  

Men of the Bible

Contents: Abraham, the call of Moses, Naaman the Syrians, The prophet Nehemiah, Herod and John the Baptist, Man Born Blind, Joseph of Arimathea and the penitent thief


Download free pictures about Christianity, pictures of old Translations, Bible maps, Bibles times, the Bible in Pictures, Bible Illustrations

Summary of each Book of the Bible

The Bible is one book made up of 66 books. Each book has a major theme that emphasizes an aspect of God’s character or a way He is working to carry out His perfect plan. What follows is an attempt to capture these themes

Study Guides

Study Tools

Bible studies Tools and related resources will help you to grow in your knowledge and understanding of God’s Word. View Bible studies, View Devotionals, View Daily emails, View Bible Reading Plans, Help, FAQ’s

The Andrew Murray Collection

Andrew Murray is one of the most beloved Christian authors of all time. We hope you enjoy this collection of some of his most famous and moving writings

Topical Bibles

These topical verse references and Bible concordance are from R. A. Torrey’s New Topical Textbook with 20000 topics 30000 Bible references 

Weights and Measures (Bible Times)

Discover the weights and measures used in the Bible! How long is a CUBIT? What is a WIDOW’S MITE? How much did a TALENT of gold weigh? 

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