Food Assistance

Steps To Apply For Assistance

There are times in life when unforeseen needs arise due to illnesses, loss of a job, family crises, etc. Diamond Bella’s Ministry offers financial assistance to help alleviate some of the stresses that come with these circumstances. We receive large number of calls and requests for assistance, and do our best to meet needs that comes to our attention. Although we have a limited amount of resources available and are unable to meet every need.

(If you currently have a church home, it’s appropriate to ask for assistance from those who know you and have the Biblical responsibility to pastor you. We want to assure you that we do care about your need. Along with providing potential assistance, we have names and addresses of various organizations within the community that may be able to assist you.)

If someone is struggling to keep up with their energy costs, first you should always contact your utility company to find out about any programs they offer. Many people do not realize that utilities offer financial help via shareholder or community funded emergency payment assistance programs. These will provide cash assistance, credits or allow the household to enter into a budgeting program. These solutions can help offset the costs of cooling and heating homes, and they will provide needed help with escalating electricity bills.

  1. An application must be filled out by the person in need in order for assistance to be given.

  2. Each family/person is eligible for help only two (2) times in a 12-month period.

  3. Due to the volume of financial assistance requests Diamond Bella receives and our desire to help as many people as possible, typical assistance will be given to help with utilities, rent or food.

  4. Please attach a copy of each Adult applicant Drivers License.

  5. This application should be Requested & returned to Diamond Bella Ministries once completed. Email to

  6. Applications will be reviewed during the week submitted.

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