Choose one of our E-learning schools today. We currently have four different E-learning schools: Diamond Bella Ministry Bible School, Diamond Bella Ministry Children Academy, Diamond Bella Ministry Advanced Learning Skills & Diamond Bella Ministry Herbal Academy. Now everyone across the world who never had access to learning can now learn, develop new skills and learn new knowledge. 

Online adult learning Bible school:

Study the Word Of God in Depth and earn Non-accredited grades along with Certificates, awards and Diplomas from Diamond Bella Ministry.

Free Online Pre-K through 12th grade learning courses:

Math, Language Arts, Science, Social studies

Advanced Learning College Courses: 

Consist of Several advanced courses such as Business Administration, Biochemistry, Information Technology and must more. 

Medical Herbalism Courses: 

Introduction to Principle and practices, Treatment approaches, Binomial meanings, herbs by Latin and common names; so much more in depth learning.

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Diamond Bella Ministry is not affiliated with the government nor take any funding from the government. Diamond Ministry Schools are not accredited and therefore courses and classes taken here can not be transferred to any other school. 

“When you are led by the Holy Spirit you do not question the will of God but follow His lead. If you pay attention you will then realize where He is taking you in life and its’ by far what you could ever imagine on your own. If I knew what I know now years ago I would have thought that it was impossible for me to  be allowed  to do such things; I am no longer a babe in Christ nor do I question or doubt God, I just follow His lead.” -Founder: Gardrena Williams Mokwe